Friday, August 25, 2017

Beautiful annoying dress

I don't know where the Before photo has been lost to, but this dress was too large and I resized it to my size. Which sounds easy, but it gave me so much trouble. It simply refused to budge. But the fabric was so pretty. I so wanted to be able to use this dress. And in the end I managed to shape the dress as I wanted it. So despite the lacking before photo, I post the dress anyway. As a symbol of not giving up.

I wanted to make bra straps  in the back, but couldn't get it to work out. The straps were too narrow. Do anyone have a good idea on how to make adjustable straps without using bra hardware?

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RanchHouse said...

There are small plastic rings that might be used. Can you make the top a halter top? And wear a halter or strapless bra. I once had a bra that converted to halter. Or alter a bra you have

Anonymous said...

Wauw, lovely fabic indeed!!

I've got a few dresses with tiny, adjustable straps, so those rings should also have to be available in teensy sizes. ( If you'd want to keep it second hand, you could maybe buy a teen-bra or bikini? Those also often have small straps.

Another option -without having to buy extra stuff, would be to make a sliding knot ( if you google it, you'll see what I mean) when done right, they work pretty much like those bra-thingies.