Sunday, August 20, 2017

dress refashion πŸ‘—


''When summer  is in the city we need dresses to have funπŸ’ƒ'' I made it up but probably  you can agree with me  that dressesπŸ‘— are perfect for summer. Not so long ago I bought 2πŸ‘—πŸ‘—pretty but very big and not so modern style dresses in sh near me.You can see both on πŸ‘‰ my instagram. They are made from perfect fabric for summer , in beautiful colors and patterns, I had no choice😻 
I had to refashion them .

                                              Dress Before :

I found this very pretty dress in little sh near my home, it was way too big and in ''granny style''πŸ‘΅ but I felt in love  with this warm beautiful color and patterns. The fabric is 100 % viscose which is great for summer.

  during work πŸ‘Š

here πŸ‘‡ you can see ready dress on me, I love  love the color, claret is one of my favourite ❗
Dress is now super comfortable and fit perfectly . I'm really happ😊 because of this refashion , to be honest ealier I was afraid a little of resizing  dresses  I always wanted my all refashions to be wearable, not just for 1 time for photoshoot and sewing dresses seemed to be very difficult ..., but it's past , soon I will show another dress refashion.
 It's important to fight with our fears  πŸ‘ΉπŸ”«


Love ,


Heidi said...

Sweeeeet. I like the cold shoulder!

RanchHouse said...

Lovely. This is such a neice shoulder effect.

whatthesew said...

Very nice fabric, original looks like eighties style.

Chickie Walsh said...

This looks great. The shorter length and the cold shoulder make it looks nicely balanced and more modern.Super cute!

Anielska Aniela said...

Heidi,RanchHouse thank you <3
whatthesew I think it's 80s style too , during that time the fabrics were awesome, at least all I've checked in sh ;-)
Chickie Walsh thank you !

kitblu said...

The change in the colour and placement of the buttons changes the look to peppy and sophisticated. I like it.