Thursday, August 17, 2017

Even more distressed jeans

Here's a tip you probably don't need: Jeans, even with a high elastic fibre content, are not suitable gear for rock wall climbing.  I might have mentioned this once or twice to the family member who thought it was worth a try... Turns out fashion is not more important than function.

This is what happened on the wall:
Spectacular, no? The jumper remained on for the rest of that day, and she moved very carefully. The jeans were already faux-distressed, and so lots of section were already weak and wearing through, but they are also favourites.  So these other jeans (hmm, I see a pattern here) were used for reinforcing.

And now the favourites look like this:

And up close, the mix of faux and real distressing - successful save:

Happy sewing!


Chickie Walsh said...

Great patch job! They look fabulous.

Emily Shane said...

Wow! Nice Jean's images are there in