Friday, August 25, 2017

how to dye and repair old damaged leather bag πŸ‘œ


Damaged leather bag,  scratched bag and scratched bag's flap, cracked handle from the bag, how to clean the leather purse, how to paint the purse, refurbish the purse, how to renew the leather purse, how to change the color ...

Uncle google πŸ••πŸ•›  receive so many questions connected with leather bags πŸ‘œπŸ‘› everyday ,
 but do he unswer all those questions well, there is so many advertisements, sponsored articles and paid posts ... , it's hard to find the right answers, that's the reason why I created this post , to help πŸ’ͺ you all with your ''leather problems''.
Real leather is a precious material so let's use it wisely and don't throw away easily.

Leather bag Before 

As you can see πŸ‘€ it's a sad view πŸ˜’

during work πŸ‘Š



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Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

This is amazing -- I never would have thought to do this!

Chickie Walsh said...

Wow, that looks so much better. What a huge improvement. Super great job!
Chickie EOD

Amy Jo said...

Amazing improvement! Great job!

Anielska Aniela said...

thank you <3333!