Friday, August 11, 2017

I conquered chiffon

I am back from my summer holiday! I made made a lot of refashions, and I look farward to show you them all.
I have had this blouse lying around for a long time without wanting to tackle it. I just knew that it would be a lot of trouble. But now was the time.


First I removed the sleeves.

Then I fitted the sides to my sizes and made kimono sleeves.
More photos of the process in the blogpost here.
I stitched up the new seams and shortened the blouse by a few centimenters.
And that was it. So easy. To my grand surprise.
I think I might have conquered chiffon.


Heidi said...

nice job! 😃

Chickie Walsh said...

This top fits so much better. It is very flattering now. I love the stripes. It look great.
Chicken EOD

harada57 said...
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