Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Maxed Out One

Hello Refashion Co-op. I started a series of maxi-dress and skirt refashions. This is the first. I had this extremely long skirt that I really liked. It fit at the waist and hips, it was just so long.
I also had a shirt that went with the skirt nicely, but it was too tight.

I shortened the skirt and made a new hem. I used the extra fabric for the shirt.

I cut two long narrow pieces. The material kept curling up but the two pieces were the same exact size.

I cut the shirt open on the sides and put in the patterned pieces. I didn't alter the shirt any other way.

I was done with this outfit quickly. It fit so much better now. 

Thanks for reading, for more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.


Mel-Bee said...

This is genius and on trend, Chickie! I've seen countless maxi dresses that look exactly like this but that are one piece. As a long-waisted person, the premade ones never fit properly at my waist but choose where they think my waist should be. I love your fixes!

whatthesew said...

That's a really nice ensemble. You complete so many refashions and must have much bigger wardrobes than mine!

Chickie Walsh said...

Hi @Mel-Bee. Thanks for your comment. It is difficult to fit in the off the rack size clothes at times. I have a long waist too and very short legs. And short over all at 5'. I started sewing years ago just so I could fit my clothes and not pay to get things hemmed. I was just trying to save some money. :)

Chickie Walsh said...

Hi @whatthesew, Thanks and you are right my closet is pretty full. But I started my blog right after baby #3 so I changed sizes quite a bit. The things I made 2 years ago don't fit anymore. But I can't fit in my clothes from before the baby either. I have just kept refashioning to keep up with my size changes.
I also have a daughter that has been transitioning from college to professional life so most of my dressy clothes have happily gone right in her closet. (She is the same size as me but 8 inches taller.)

Saga said...

That is such a clever way of making a matching set.
I too have the joy of unproportionately short legs (and a short waist and a long seat), which is also what started me on refashion. To finally have clothes that fit nice.

/EOD - Stine