Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sweater with Tablecloth inserts

My sister gave me a plain dark grey sweater a few years back.  I had an old (antique?) hand embroidered table cloth that had holes in random places, but was still beautiful.  I sewed pieces of it inside the sweater. Then I cut out the sweater parts out, following the shapes on the tablecloth.  I think that is called "reverse applique".  The first picture is the back, and the second picture is the front with just a small applique off to the side.  

Sadly, I've never worn this!  I keep putting it in my donation box, then pulling it back out because I DO like it, just not enough to wear it.   I'm considering cutting it down the center, or off to the side and turning it into a cardigan instead of a pull over sweater.

Any other ideas for me to consider?  Any other ideas of how to use beautiful embroidered tablecloths in your wardrobe?

Thanks for reading!
Amy Jo at The Little Moments


RanchHouse said...

Since you know you are not wearing it there is no loss in turning it into a cardigan. Looking forward to the results.

whatthesew said...

It looks good, wear it and be proud!

jenny_o said...

I like the idea of turning it into a cardigan, and can see it with a row of red or other bright-coloured buttons down the front to tie into the embroidery. Let us know how you get on!

Pezalli Creations said...
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Anonymous said...

While I do like it as is, I can imagine that it's something you don't wear that much. We all have those kind of refashions.
If you'd like to try something else as a cardigan, I'd suggest dyeing the whole thing dark ( kind of in the same tone as the sweater) . Looking at the pictures, I'm quite confident that the white fabric would take the dye quite well, and while the stitching will probably take a bit of the dye, it usually doesn't take it as well as fabric, so the flowers would probably still stand out.
I think it might create more unity, rather than patches on a sweater.
apart from that, thanks for the creative idea!

Chickie Walsh said...

Sometimes I don't wear certain items and I can't pinpoint why. Have you tried to force yourself to wear it to see if it grows on you? I love the idea of using the pieces of the tablecloth as decoration. If you don't like the shirt maybe you could remove the flowers and put them on something else?
Chickie EOD