Tuesday, August 15, 2017

That boring discoloured cardi - Greenery #3

This is one of those stables, that if I were ever to compose a capsule wardrobe, it would befinitely be part of it. Unfortunately the white had gotten a greyish tint.

I have a solution for that: Green.

Then I did the same as with the skirt from yesterday: Removed the buttons and added new black ones. These facet decoration beads I had had forever, and I am beginning to take a liking to facet buttons/beads/decoration again.
I made them into buttons by sewing them on very loose and making a stem with the thread.

My old favourite is back from near death, alive and kicking.

Blogpost: That boring discoloured cardigan

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Chickie Walsh said...

This is a great new color. Nice way to save the sweater.