Thursday, August 31, 2017

You can do it too

Often the thrift shop clothes I buy only need small changes. And then I wonder if I should even blog about those clothes.. They aren't as spectacular as upcycling a strange skirt into a wonderful kimono blouse.
But I like to post them to inspire others to make changes to your own clothes as well. Start small.

First one
A simple viscose (rayon) blouse. Two things had to be changes: I have a short upper body and the neck slit ended too far down my cleavage. And the length of the blouse was the usual 5-6 cm (2") too long to fit me nicely.


I made my first button loop ever, with matching embroidery thread. I am very proud of that little thing. I put a button on the other side of the slit.

And then I shortened the blouse to make it fit me.
Next one
I had to have this pretty dress I found in a thrift shop. But short sleeves aren't my thing. I think I look childish with short sleeves. The dress would also be more versatile it is was sleeveless; I could easier use shirts and blouses underneath it and cardigans over it.


Last one
I had wanted such one for a long time. Not because I needed a black lace skirt, but because I needed a black half slip with just a tad of width to it..


I removed the lower flounce and now the skirt is good as a half slip - and could still be a skirt, should I want to use it as that.After:

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RanchHouse said...

I think these simple refashions are inportant to share. One of us will gain an idea. I am sure I have something that needs the button fix. what a big change in the dress. Youreally brought it up in style.