Thursday, October 26, 2017

embroidered coat, embroidered bag, and five minute frock

I have not posted in a while...I had been making an Irish dance dress, and then changing jobs but I did finish a few things

the first is I embroidered this coat - which I am very pleased with and timed it perfectly for winter here

The second was a bag I embroidered - its a vintage vinyl box clasp bag and the lining was shredded so I relined and embroidered

and the third was a five minute sew - it was a long a-line skirt, so I cut some armholes, hemmed them, and have worn it a lot since - it drapes well, and the waistband makes a rather angular boatneck.

The coat I detailed in my blog, I will post info on the other two in the next while.....

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Chickie Walsh said...

What pretty embroidery you did. I love vintage bags. The red coat is really beautiful too. The skirt/dress looks very nice on you. You have been busy and you did some great work.
Chickie EOD