Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Old Denim Jeans Become Cool Denim Dress

If you follow my blog at all you'll notice that I really enjoy working with denim. It seems like someone always has an old pair of worn out jeans to gift me and my ever growing son always has a pair that he's outgrown. I'm constantly on the lookout for denim inspiration. I found this cute little dress on Pinterest and I had to try to make my own version of it.

I found 2 pairs of these brand new jeans in the dumpster at my apartment. They were laying right on the top, tags still on, when I took out the garbage. Seemed like a score to me!! 

I used the two pairs I rescued from the dumpster to form the panels of the circle skirt and bodice top.

I quickly ran out of that denim, so I pulled out and old pair of jeans that my son had outgrown that matched the color fairly well. I cut off the legs, cut them into strips, and used them to make the braided edge and straps.

I had to hand sew all the braiding to the dress, which took some time.

Here is the finished product:

 I left the back panel off because I felt that the denim I used was a bit heavy and I wanted to give it a little more sex appeal. I feel like the bodice is a little bulky and I wish I would have made it a tad smaller. Otherwise, I like how it came out. It's definitely an eye catching, unique piece.


whatthesew said...

Anything looks good in denim. Nice job.

Chickie Walsh said...

What a find! I love freebies, they are like a gift. You did a great job.

Maria said...

I like yours better than the inspiration piece with the circle skirt.