Friday, October 13, 2017

Tablecloth, Version 2

Remember the beautiful, hand stitched tablecloth pieces I added to a dark grey sweater? I liked it, but not enough to wear it.  (see the smaller pictures below) I tried it on recently to find it was way too tight around my stomach.  My weight fluctuates, and at one point I think the sweater fit ok, but right now? Not.At.All.   This discovery made me feel better about cutting the sweater up the front to give me some room to breathe.  I added a ruffle (salvaged off some other garment) around the raw edges.  I added a little eye and hook so I can close it. Cute, right? I still haven't worn it, but now there's the possibility that I might.

(Pictures of the first version front and back)

While I was working on the sweater, I pulled out the rest of the tablecloth, determined to find a way to use the rest of the pretty pieces. The banner is no-sew and not fashion related, so you'll have to click over to The Little Moments if you want to see more about my tablecloth banner!

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Love Amy Jo at The Little Moments

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Chickie Walsh said...

The sweater is very cute as a cardigan. I really like the ruffle you added. And the banner is fabulous, I like that too. Great job!
Chickie EOD