Sunday, October 01, 2017

That's what friends are for

A friend gave me a number of items to refashion including this dress. I liked the fabric but not the fit and I converted it into a top. The conversion was rather a reluctant one as I already have a lot of tops

I unpicked waistband and sewed the wrap too up. Next the bottom half of the dress was cut off and sewn into the top half of the dress. 

Something was still lacking so I added a neckline trim. 
There are more details here

Here's me wearing the top on a recent trip to the giant's causeway.


Chickie Walsh said...

Great idea to add trim, the top looks great. And the Giant's Causeway looks amazing too.

Maria said...

Much better! Turned out great & much more wearable. Contrast of print & lace works well together.

jenny_o said...

I hadn't thought about sewing a wrap top that way - I like it! I'm thinking a placket or piece of lace could be run down the front seam with or without buttons for a different look also. Well done on creating a new top. Just wanted to say all your creations on your blog show great creativity and I enjoy reading about your process!

whatthesew said...

Thank you, I enjoy writing about my sewing projects