Thursday, November 16, 2017

A magical transformation (boots to shoes & a hat)

A little late, but here's how I turned a pair of falling-apart boots into a pair of shoes and a mini witch hat for Halloween!

To make the shoes, I just removed all the flexible parts of the boots, cleaned up the cut edges, and turned the buckles from decorative to functional with a couple strips of Velcro.

For the hat, I took the scraps of the boot shafts and fashioned parts of them into a cone-shaped crown and a flat brim. I'd like to say it was magic, but it was really mostly hot glue!

More description of the process can be found over at my blog.

--The Unfashionista


whatthesew said...

This works so well, when you look at the design of the boots it almost looks as if they were asking for it! Can't be easy stuff to work with though.

Catherine1216 said...

I love those shoes.

Chickie Walsh said...

These look so good. Cute costume too.Love it.
Chickie EOD