Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Old Hoodie, New Hat...plus the pattern is FREE! (for now...)

Recently I decided to get put this hoodie that never fit right to good use.

I was testing a new hat pattern (link to free pattern below) and I had to make lots of samples to check the fit and size and construction.  You see, this pattern can be made in 7 sizes from newborn to adult!  So using this hoodie was a perfect option.

My daughter is modeling an early version:

Eventually I decided to leave off the ears and ended up with a reversible beanie that can be worn 4 ways like this one that used up the rest of that orange hoodie!

If you'd like a FREE copy of the pattern (which is free until 1/1/2018) just click on the link below image below.  When you add the pattern to your cart, the price will change from $3 to $0.  It's perfect for last minute stocking stuffers and stash busting!


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Chickie Walsh said...

This looks great, smart use of the oranges shirt.