Friday, January 12, 2018

Feeling Blue (Dye)

Hello Refashion Co-op. I love to try and update older or dated clothes. I like to see if I can start with something I don't like and see if I can make something I do like.
I started today's project with these off-white items. The shirt was a men's dress shirt and the skirt was a long sweater knit. They were both the same dingy off- white color. The yucky color was a little depressing. The skirt also had a very dated style to it. I didn't really like that either.
I used some denim blue Rit dye in my washing machine and tried to improve the color. The skirt turned out darker than the shirt but I liked the new colors much better. Now that I had a better color scheme to work with I could try to alter them.

I decided that I liked the big shirt. I just rolled up the sleeves because they were too long.
I removed the elastic waistband from the long skirt. I cut a simple straight skirt from the material and reattached it to the waistband.
 I think the new color and style of this outfit is a big improvement over the original.
Thanks for reading, for more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.

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