Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fiesta Fashion

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not posting for so long. The end of the year was super busy; my little sister got married, I have started some new hobbies, I'm back in school, and work was insanely busy for a while, as well as me dealing with some physical/mental health stuff! But I am really excited to get back into my stash and start getting some projects done. Here is my first project of the new year :)

Please forgive the lack of before pictures, I thought I had one :( I found a huge t-shirt with hand-painted sombreros and confetti on it at the thrift store for $2! It was obviously made in the 80's or 90's and was so funky I HAD to have it.

The first thing I did, which took a couple weeks, was to take some permanent fabric glue and this little brush and paint over ALL the glitter glue! It was cracked and peeling in some places, and I thought maybe some fabric glue would act like a 'varnish'. I'm happy to report it worked great! I will still only hand-wash this shirt but all that glorious sparkle is not going to peel away! 

I simply cut off the length of the shirt below where the design ended, and cut off the sleeves also

I cut open the sides, cut strips, and tied them together to add a little interest and also bring in the fit somewhat

Tah dah! Here you can see the glorious design! Because the shirt was so big, simply cutting off the length and the sleeves made it slightly cropped (an adorable length, not too scandalous) and the shoulders are now sort of a "cap sleeve"
The tied side. I can't wait to wear this somewhere! The little gold scribble in the lower middle of the photo is the artist's signature, it's either "Laura Nora" or "Laura Nara". I hope Laura would approve of how I made her art wearable again!

Hugs to all!



Kathryn Knox said...

Love it, nice job

Chickie Walsh said...

Love it. What fun design. Using fabric glue as varnish was a genius idea!

Samwise W. said...

Thanks Kathryn! And Chickie yes, it worked out better than I had hoped! Normally I don't buy "worn out" things but I just couldn't say no to this shirt LOL