Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Staying Warm In Green

Hello Refashion Co-op. It is really cold where I live and all I want to do is wear lots of sweaters and be as warm as possible. I went through all my refashion clothes and found some warm clothes to work on. I had some hand-me-downs to start with. This green sweater was from my mom. I loved the color but I didn't like the fit or the fake collar. The pants with the zipper pockets were a great length on me but they were too big and baggy.
I unpicked all the stitches and removed the collar. I thought the sweater would be easier to wear without it. I also took it in on the sides to make it more fitted.

These pants are actually cropped Capri pants but they are the right length on me because I am super short. I took them in on the sides, right behind the side seam. I didn't want to damage or change the zippers on the front or hip pockets. I wanted a skinny jeans type of fit so I could tuck them into boots.

I didn't mess-up the zippers! And I liked the new slim fit and I thought I could layer more things on top of them. Like a big cardigan or jacket. I am all about the layers right now. I need blankets, hot cocoa, and lots of layers.

Thanks for reading, For more details and pictures go to I Can Work With That.

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