Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Horizontal Stripes and Dye

Hello Refashion Co-op. My husband was getting rid of this striped shirt so I decided to see if I could make something for myself with it. It was soft and almost felt like flannel. And it matched these wine colored jeans nicely. The shirt is a little too big and the jeans were a little too faded, and big.
I didn't want to change the color but I wanted them to look a little fresher. I tossed them in the washer with some Rit dye.
I took the jeans in on the sides and hemmed them to make them shorter. Easy peasy, right?
I changed the shape and size of the shirt and made 3/4 length sleeves. I thought I was done.

I just wasn't happy. Do you ever look at what you just made and not really like how it turned out? The shirt just seemed too big and there were so many stripes. And the jeans felt too baggy in the calves. Back to work......
I made the shirt a bit smaller and shortened the sleeves too. It wasn't a huge change but I thought that they would fit better.

Now I was finished. It took longer than I thought it would but that's the way it is sometimes.

Thanks for reading this post, for more details and pictures go to I Can Work With That.

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circesews said...

Good call on shortening the sleeves - that top has much better proportions in the last photos. Sometimes, the little bit more makes all the difference.