Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Pajama Pants Refash Part:2

Hi Readers!

I know you have been in suspense since my last post! Since you have waited so patiently here is the 2nd part of the pajama pants refash :)

It may be hard to see in this picture but these are wildlife themed jammies! They were so cute I just couldn't "bear" LOL to donate them!
My inspiration for this refash came from the 90's.
Does anyone remember the cropped shrug?

When I was a young fashionista I was in LOVE with these! And I guess I never fell out of love with them.
So here ya go, I'm reliving my younger days. I will have a new handmade cropped shrug!
I started by cutting off the waistband. I also took the fly button off and saved it. No sense in wasting a button!

First order of business, I sewed up the fly.

I also sewed up the pocket holes and trimmed off the pocket material.

I sewed a new hem around the top.

I folded over what, used to be the original bottom of the pant leg, to make a new 2 inch hem for my sleeves.

After I finished the new hem for my sleeves I had to slim the pant legs down to make them fit more like sleeves! I kind of free handed one sleeve and placed it over the other sleeve to trace it as a pattern. With that done, I stitched it up!


Happy Refashioning!!!

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Chickie Walsh said...

Wow, that was so clever and it turned out so cute. Very creative! Great job.
Chickie EOD