Friday, April 27, 2018

A Too Bright Dress; Part 2

Hello Refashion Co-op.  I like to use up sewing scraps and leftovers when ever I can. Don't we all?

I had the skirt leftover from this red dress. I wanted to use this skirt piece. It still had the finished hem so that would save me time and effort.

I noticed this purple shirt had bright red stripes just like the red of the dress. It was a little too small so I never wore it. So, I found a way to put them together. I cut the body off and flipped it upside down. It was going to be the top of my dress. Turning it upside down let me use the finished edge at the top. The cut edge got attached to the red skirt piece. That saved time too.

I used the sleeves to make straps. I don't trust strapless dresses. They never stay up, not really. You think they will, but they start slipping down eventually.

I liked the dress with all it's bright colors. It was warm the day I made it but it got cold again and I had to put it away until more warm weather comes for good.

Thanks for reading this post, for more details and pictures go to I Can Work With That.


whatthesew said...

The stripes look like a very good match for the skirt.

Chickie Walsh said...

I was surprised that they matched so well. It was fate, at least I like to think so. :)

Marisa Glied said...

Super cute! Can't believe how well the colors match!


Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks Marisa. I was a little surprised too. It was fate. haha

learningnewtricks said...

You are so creative and I love seeing your refashions! What a perfect match and great save for your dress.