Thursday, April 12, 2018

Florals from Amsterdam

When on holiday I often search for something I can buy to refashion, expecting there to be different things to the stuff I see at home.  I just had to go and have a rummage when I spotted a flea market in Amsterdam.

Looking for something with a reasonable amount of fabric that was mainly white I picked up this hand made dress for just 2 euros.

My plan was to make a simple top, based on one I already owned and had already refashioned.

There was just enough fabric in the skirt portion to do this.

I made some side tabs, and did some basic shaping, different from the original.

This is how it turned out

To be honest, there wasn't much that was very inspiring in the market, but I did find one absolute gem, there are more details and photos here

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Chickie Walsh said...

What a fun thing to do when you travel! I love it. The top is super cute too.