Monday, April 30, 2018

patch skirt - and a pattern

Feels like I have not posted in an age, and I am sure it has been
I started working full time as we have started to upcycle our house and now covered in dust!
I did manage to do some refashioning for fashion revolution week.

I donated my sample makes to the local charity shop to sell during fashion revolution week, and to show what could be made from charity shop buys.
The Cope Charity Shop Galway gave me some denim that was not selling and I made some skirts
The skirt pattern can be downloaded for free from Craftsy

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whatthesew said...

Those points look so perfect. There is so much second hand denim around, its good that you are making use of it.

Chickie Walsh said...

That is a great idea and you did a great job with it. I love the different shades of denim.

circesews said...

I love this skirt! Quite a bit more upmarket than the usual denim skirt.