Monday, May 14, 2018

Polka dot summer trousers

I received this dress as a birthday present and cut it up to make some trousers.

I wasn't being ungrateful, I had  specifically asked for something from a charity shop to refashion, giving the remit 'buy something big with a lot of fabric'

Having someone else choose a refashion garment for me added an extra level of challenge, and an extra component of pressure not to let it sit in the stash too long before working on it.

The 100% viscose fabric seemed suitable for some lightweight summer trousers and luckily the dress had few panels or seams to get in the way.

Adapting a commercial pattern I made a flat front side zip pair of trousers.

Although the dress was quite a large size, I had to add some extra fabric and used the last of some African print cotton which has featured in many other projects.

I made a bit of an effort getting the symmetry right.

It was something of a headache to fit it all together but am pleased with the end result.

There are more details and photos here


Chickie Walsh said...

What a great fabric combo! These are really cute.

circesews said...

These pants are awesome, what a great outcome for your challenge.