Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Re-refashion, or cleaning rag?

Sometimes, I feel the need to revisit refashions that didn't turn out well......(though, sometimes they just become cleaning rags).
Years ago, I bought a soft, bamboo knit tunic dress from a sample sale. I wore it a few times, but it was an awkward length, and the open neck always slipped off my shoulders. 
At some point, I had cut some off the bottom and used that fabric to make a neckband. I apparently also chopped the sleeves shorter (and left them raw).

I came across this unloved garment the other day, and decided to try again to breathe life into it.
I grabbed another knit top from the pile - a wide, fluid cardigan – a spontaneous purchase that I thought would give off an effortlessly chic vibe. 
Huh, turned out I looked like a middle-aged woman in an ill-fitting boxy cardigan!

So, off with the old neckband, and on with a new contrast one cut from the cardigan. 
extended the band length to tie at centre back. I also added bands to finish the sleeve hems.
Now... I just might have a wearable garment. I’ll take it for a spin and see!



whatthesew said...

Definitely looks better with the added colour

Chickie Walsh said...

I like it so much more with the added brown. I can relate to the middle aged woman in a boxy cardigan. Hahaha, that made me laugh. They look chic until I put them on and then they look sloppy. Oh well, you fixed this one.

Marisa Glied said...

I love how you put both of these together! Nicely done!


learningnewtricks said...

I like most of the changes, but not so much the tie at the neck back area.

The front looks so much better, and the color pop at the neck and cuffs change up the look quite nicely.