Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Tablecloth to circular skirt refashion

I bought this tablecloth in my local Oxfam for the rather inflated price of £14.99, thinking it would be perfect to make some lightweight summer trousers.

It was large and folded up in the shop so I didn't realise that the pattern radiated from a circle in the centre and therefore would be perfect for a circular skirt.

I googled how to calculate the waist size and skirt length.

Not everything is completely straightforward in sewing and there were some difficulties with getting the waist size right due to the skirt being cut on the bias.

It was a quick make overall though, just 2 cuts, a waistband, and a very long hem.

There are more details and photos here


Susan @ Second Chances by Susan said...

Cute skirt! I actually have that same tablecloth! I purchased it on Amazon last year!

whatthesew said...

Ha ha, and yours was cheaper!

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whatthesew said...

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