Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Tale of Two Tabards - Child's Heraldic Tunic DIY

child heraldic tabard by karen vallerius

Looking to enlarge my costumery portfolio and try a historical era about which I knew absolutely zero, I was interested to be asked if I could help with children's costumes for a local historical venue.

My first thought was I don't have any suitable fabric (is this even possible?) but I soon found an old curtain and an unused pillowcase which I could use to stitch the tabards.  The shield motifs were made from felt and fabric offcuts.

child heraldic tabard by karen vallerius

I have put together a tutorial on how to make the felt applique shield on my blog.


Chickie Walsh said...

There are so cute. Any kid would love to have one of these to play dress up. They look so good.
Chickie EOD

karen vallerius said...

Thanks Chickie. I haven't made kids' costumes before and am finding it really fun to stitch them.

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