Wednesday, June 20, 2018

In The Pink 4

Hello Refashion Co-op. I made it to the end off my pile of pink clothes waiting to be refashioned. These two shirts were full of a happy coral pink. I liked the color more than the shirts themselves.

This little shirt was so extremely little. It is very cropped and also very low cut. I don't like either of those things on me, so this shirt was pretty worthless. But that coral pink was calling my name. I decided to cut the shoulders off, flip it upside down, and make it into a tube top to wear under other shirts.

I flipped it upside down so that the finished hem is at the top. Some shirts will stay up on their own like this. Or some thin elastic can be threaded through a hole cut on the inside of the hem. I pushed the elastic all the way around the hem and tied a knot. That's it. 

I decided I liked the fit and color of this plaid shirt but the front always came open between the buttons. That drives me crazy! I rarely wear button down shirts because they don't lay flat. I made some quick stitches right on top of the stitches already there. Now the shirt will lay flat and stay smoothly closed.

Here is a picture of me pointing to the changes in these shirts.
 It is a little bit of an awkward pose.

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