Monday, June 18, 2018

Misaligned button on shirt dress

I found this ill-fitting but cute Talbot's brand cotton shirt-dress at a thrift store. I am a sucker for a shirt dress. I took it home.

The waistline was in the wrong place so I separated the top and bottom and repositioned them.

It worked, but I found that some of the buttons were misaligned with the button holes.  

I've run across this problem before when upcycling - here is the technique I use to fix the problem:

1) Align the packets exactly how you want them to be in the finished garment.
2) Use a pin to pierce the center of the buttonhole and into the placket underneath.

3) Very carefully peel back the top layer and see where the pin is inserted.   

4) The pin should be about the same distance from each placket edge as the existing button.  If not, the pin may have been angled when it was put in.  In the picture it seems to be skewed to the right a bit. 

5) Now you know exactly where to move the button!
Happy upcycling!  Michelle


Chickie Walsh said...

That is a great shirt dress. and thanks for the button tip too.

hankinsjk said...

I am currently looking for a comfy shirtdress! Great tips!