Friday, June 01, 2018

Multi-purpose poncho

This refashion started out as a pretty simple repair job—I had bought a couple of chiffon ponchos from my favorite shopping website, and their hideously deformed necklines needed a little cleaning up.


What's with all the pointy bits sticking out on the neckline?


I improved the neckline by cutting it into a circular shape and trimming it with some lace seam tape.

It was an easy enough fix (only took me a year! 😛), but it became a whole new level of exciting when I realized that my poncho could double as a skirt! I always love a garment that can be used multiple ways, so this is probably one of my favorite refashions of the recent past!


More crafty details and the full storyline can be found on my original blog post.

--The Unfashionista

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Chickie Walsh said...

This is very pretty, it is so light and airy.