Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Shirtdress seriously updated

A swing dress size XL, which did nothing good for me. I also had my doubts whether as to I could make the red/white checkered fabric look like something else than a kitchen tablecloth. But I like a challenge.

- I separated the bodice and the the skirt.
- I narrowed the bodice along all its seams, until it fitted me.
- The was a lot of fabric in the skirt. I opened up the pleats, and used the skirt as fabric for a completely new skirt.
- And then I stitched the to parts of the dress back together.

The finished dress. I like it quite a lot and it is perfect for the summer weather we have now.

Skirt with points at the sides. I added a few pearls to accentuate the points.

A month of sun does wonders for pastywhite skin.


whatthesew said...

Really good transformation. Especially like the points with pearls on the skirt haven't seen that anywhere else.

hankinsjk said...

such a darling dress transformation!