Sunday, August 26, 2018

Better rarely than never...

Although I don't plan on officially retiring my blog, I have relegated it to the "storage closet" of life. I feel like the audience just isn't there at the time; like I'm shouting into a megaphone to an empty backyard.
Nevertheless, my blog lives. Here's a new refash!
Seersucker, sucka! That preppy, lightweight fabric worn by southern ladies and gentlemen I do declare. I bought this dress last summer, thinking it would be a simple hack-and-stitch job. It wasn't.
See? Look what happened with the neckline. It's huge!
I'll cut to the chase and say that when I wore this to school in June, I got some good reviews from the kids and adults. I like to tell people I "made" it, putting air quotes around that word and explaining that I didn't make the dress I just made it better. The after:
I wear those red shoes in a lot of my "after" pics, but I don't actually wear them out very often. They're fab, but they're not walking shoes. I have a sensible pair of red Aerosoles that can withstand a school day or thrift store excursion.
Feel free to check out my full post on my blog, Craft, Thrift, or Die.
Thanks for looking!


Chickie WU said...

I love the seersucker. Making it sleeveless made it look much more modern and less southern belle.
I agree with your shoe review. Fabulous but not for walking. My feet demand comfort over style now.
Good luck with the blog too!

Marisa Glied said...

Love this! It's so pretty!