Wednesday, August 22, 2018

From sleeves to ties

The weather was warm. Very warm. So this dress in a lovely thing viscose (rayon) was just what I needed. Only it was a little dull, and I didn't need or want the sleeves. So I redesigned the dress, and used it constantly for the entire July.
 - I removed the sleeves.
- Out of a little of the sleeve fabric I made bias tape, which I used to finish the arm holes.
- Out of the reste of the sleeve fabric I made two long ties, which I inserted in into the side seams.

 The ties are long enough for me to be able to ties them in different ways

More photos at:


Chickie Walsh said...

Wow, removing the sleeves and belting the dress changed it completely.
It looks great on you.

ajay goel said...

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