Friday, August 31, 2018

Fun with Fabric Markers

I am embarrassed to say I had started this project 3 years ago. WOW how time flies! Needless to say I have lost my before picture. I actually stumbled upon this unfinished project while looking though my piles of clothes to be refashioned.

This started out as a dress. A VERY itsy bitsy short dreses. I love the flower embroidery detail on the bottom as well as the top of this dress. My original thought was to color the stitching with fabric markers but it got very tedious. I decided to cut the bottom off (and save to later)  and make this dress into a shirt.

A very tedious job coloring all of the stitching. But I love how it makes the detail POP!

Pinned and hemmed the bottom!

I just love those bright colors!

It just so happens that my lace shorts are the same color as my shirt. lol

Happy Refashioning!!!
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Valerie said...

All the coloring was worth it. It looks great!

Chickie WU said...

I love the coloring, it really does make the details pop, and with the lace shorts it looks great!
I think we all have projects that sit for a few years too.
Chickie EOD

Anonymous said...

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