Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Not So Ugly Bridesmaids Dress Refash

My hubby's co-worker's wedding was about 2 weeks ago. Which sent me into a fury to find the perfect wedding dress to refash! I had in my mind of what I wanted...some type of Greek/Roman style dress. But 1st I had to find the perfect base dress to make my vision come true!

I was ecstatic when I found this dress! It was what I was looking for! It has been a VERY hot summer here in the mitten and this wedding was to be outdoors. So the 1st thing to go on this dress was the length.

I marked where I would like my new hem to end. Then made the big cut!

I saved the rest of the material for later.

I used the leftover material and folded the top and bottom corners together, accordion style. Then pinned it to the shoulder strap so that fabric would drape around the front. (After sewing the corners onto the shoulder straps I then flipped the fabric over to the back of the dress.)

A beautiful draping across the back. (Very Roman, I think!)

Now for the fun part! Sparkles! No dress is fit for a wedding without some sparkle!
I used this clasp style closure on he front of the dress at the waistline.

Then added these matching buttons on either of the shoulder straps.

An after picture of the back (My hair was a better version of this for the actual wedding, This picture was taken a day later, We were having too much wedding fun for pictures, oops)

Ta Da! The dress ended up being longer on each side after I cut it. I actually think it was a happy accident!


Happy Refashioning!!!
Check out my stash of refashions on my blog!

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