Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pants for wide hips and a narrow waist

I hardly ever buy new clothes, only second hand clothes (to refashion). But these pants were so cool, and cheap too, that I had to make an exception.
But they also show why I usually never wear pants, only skirts and dresses, and why I sew my own clothes: To get a size that fit my hips and bottom, I had to chose size L, and they were far to big at the waist.

I needed to take the pants in by 10 cm (4"). 
It was too much to be able to use the elastic-in-the-waistband  trick. So I decided to make darts. Only one dart each side (5 cm (2")) each would have pulled at the fabric too much. So i made to darts each side (to bigger ones with 3,5 cm each and two smaller ones with 1,5 cm each).
The darts go to 5 cm below the waistband to fit my body shape.

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Chickie WU said...

Saga those pants are so cool. They look so good. Those darts worked great, I like that method of taking in the waist.