Monday, December 24, 2018

A Christmas Dress

In searching my photos for the "before" picture of this refashion, I realized that this one started over two years ago!!  I had picked it all apart, set it aside, and then went on to live my life for over two years.  Well, with Christmas upon us I decided it was time to wrap this one pun intended!

I really liked the red plaid rayon fabric, however, I didn't like the gunny sack fit, the length, or the the front patch pockets.

I removed the pockets and detached the bodice from the skirt.  I then took in the bodice along the side seams and added front and back darts to get a better fit.

Next, I decided on my new length and cut the excess from the top of the skirt, retaining the existing hem.  No sense making more work than necessary!  I gathered the top edge of the skirt and reattached it to the bodice.

From the excess fabric, I found a covered buckle kit in my stash (picked up some time ago at a thrift store) and created a matching belt.

I also didn't care for the original placement of the top button, so I added a buttonhole and moved it in line with the rest of the buttons.  One more buttonhole and button to close up the bottom front of the skirt and my dress was ready!

You can find more refashions on my blog, Second Chances by Susan!

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Off-grid Ferals said...

You look super cute.

whatthesew said...

You make it look and sound so easy. The matching belt is a special touch.

Chickie WU said...

That dress is so much nicer than the original. It went from 0 to 10.