Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas parkrun sweatshirt refashion

I acquired this unwanted superman sweatshirt which was in good enough condition apart from the faded and paint spattered logo.

I decided to customise it using a parkrun 50 top as the new front of sweatshirt.
Parkrun is a wonderful organisation, originating in London but now worldwide They organise weekly free timed 5 km runs which are open to everyone.   It would be useful for me to wear to keep warm while waiting for runs to begin.

I basically cut out the front of the sweatshirt and used it as a template to cut a new front from the rear of the parkrun top.

There were some minor fit issues to deal with, and the armholes were different designs on the two garments.  There are more details, photos and a bonus feature here

I couldn't resist adding the superman label back onto a sleeve.

Here I am with husband, post run Christmas day 2018, face now red to match the sweatshirt.  Official time 31.14.

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Chickie WU said...

I like this refashion. Exercise wear is something I always need but never remember to make. :)