Sunday, March 03, 2019

No more pointy hips

This red tunic is one of the many things I've bought online that ended up looking totally unexpected in real life (If you check out my original blog post, you can see how the top looked on a mannequin when I bought it, and why I was so taken aback when I tried it on in person!). The draping on the sides was constructed in such a way that if I wasn't constantly rearranging it, it would develop these pointy blobs that stuck out on either side of my hips. They had to go!

When laid flat, the side seams stuck out and came to a point at about hip level, so I just sewed new side seams that were more naturally curved.

And since the neckline was extremely low cut, I also lowered the shoulder seams so it would sit a little higher.

That's all, folks!

--The Unfashionista


Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

It seems so weird to me that pointy hips where ever a "thing". I totally had point hip dresses in the early 90's! The refashion looks AMAZING!

I Can Work With That said...

Great fixes! The pointy hips seem strange but you made the tunic look very flattering.

Catherine1216 said...

Much better.

Anielskaaniela said...

after, looks perfect on your figure ,great refashion !

Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...