Saturday, April 13, 2019

Cardinal Refashion

It has been said that if you see a Cardinal it is a sign that a loved one who has passed has come to watch over you. I never really thought much of this old tale because I have always seen Cardinals around just like you see a Robin or Sparrow. This all changed when my grandpa died and a Cardinal showed up in my backyard. My husband and I have lived in our house 3 years and haven’t seen a Cardinal until my grandpa died. I truly believe that this Cardinal is him watching over me. You may think it is a coincidence but I do not.
Since then I have had a special place for Cardinals in my heart. So, when I found a shirt with Cardinals on it at the thrift store, I HAD to pick it up!
Here I have a special refashion that is close to my heart.
Cardinal shirt 🙂
A lace shirt
I began by carefully removing the lace sleeves from the top of the shirt. I let nothing go to waste so I cut up the bottom part of this shirt to use as rags!
I put the Cardinal shirt onto my dress form and placed the lace top ontop of the Cardinal shirt. I pinned that and sewed them together on the front and back. I left the armpit area unsewn at this point because I needed to take the Cardinal shirt in at the sides.
I took the Cardinal shirt it at the sides. Sewed it up!
Trimmed the excess off with my Pinking shears.
Once the sides were taken in I sewed the lace to the under arms.
Once the lace was all sewn onto the Cardinal shirt I cut the top of the Cardinal shirt and the sleeves off. Leaving just the lace top and lace sleeves.
Soaking up the last of the snow for the Spring!
Like my headband? I made it with a scrap of a dress and some ribbon.
This may well be my most favorite refashion yet!
Happy Refashioning!!!

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I Can Work With That said...

This is really cute and I love the new sleeves. It looks more modern and flattering.

whatthesew said...

Lovely combination