Thursday, April 04, 2019

Jeans to skirt refashion

Fellow refashioners, how do you decide which project to start next?

Normally my decision process is quite random and factors include ideas I have had about a particular item, wishing to refashion an item I have been given by friends or family, or I've made a lot of tops best make a skirt next, or wanting to try a particular technique / pattern.

I have decided this random method needs some order.  My stash had built up 6 pairs of jeans and it was clear I was accumulating them faster than the refashion process was using them, hence a denim skirt was the order of the day.

I used a commercial pattern to make this A line skirt with contrast pockets and a yolk type waistband.

It was constructed of several pieces which made it suitable for making from various jean legs, using up 2 pairs.

I am so pleased with this skirt, its very comfy and the denim has 2% elastane.

There are more details and photos here


I Can Work With That said...

This is a great skirt, I love the contrasting pocket fabric. I also randomly choose what to refashion next. Right now I have a big pile of men's tshirts. I guess that will be next.

circesews said...

This turned out so well and I love the contrast pockets and band.

I need to think more about the order I refashion too, I end up with too much of one sort of thing.