Sunday, April 28, 2019

Overall Skirt and New Shirt

This post has been a long time coming. I completed this project back in March but other posts took priority in the posting order.
Here I have a light weight denim shirt. A little large in size, but that will be perfect for this project! I have seen that overalls have been very popular as of late. Not my favorite fashion trend, but Hey I'm always one for keeping up with the times!
The idea is to making a skirt from the bottom 1/2 of the shirt and use the sleeves for the straps of the overalls.
I cut the shirt straight across as close to the armpit area as I could get, to maximize the amount of material for the skirt. Then I cut off the sleeves.
I measured a piece of elastic around my waist. I folded over and pinned the top of the skirt to make a casing for the elastic. This will be the top of the skirt! The best part is I am still using the original hem of the bottom of the shirt so less sewing for me!
I threaded through the elastic with my ever so handy Bodkin. Once that was pulled through, I stitched up the hole in the casing I left to thread the elastic though. That completes the skirt portion.
Now onto the straps:
I used the material of both sleeves  to make 4 equal length and width pieces.
I sewed each of the 4 pieces lengthwise and inside out. Then they were turned right side out and 2 pieces were stitched together to make 2 very long straps. Then the skirt was put onto my dress form and the 2 long straps were pinned onto the back of the skirt, criss -crossed and then pinned securely to the front of the skirt. Stitched that together and the overall was complete!
Now for something to wear with my new overalls: a new shirt!
I decided on this tulip design turtleneck shirt.
Mimicking my Christmas turtleneck refashion by cutting out designs at the neckline: I cut out these tulip shaped pieces.
To jazz up the sleeves a bit I make vertical slits at each end of the sleeves, about 1 inch apart.
Then I weaved some cream colored ribbon through the slits and then stitched up the edges.
Then my outfit was finally complete!
Not too shabby, huh? :)

Happy Refashioning!!!
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karensameiro said...

so cute,looks adorable on you :)

I Can Work With That said...

This is very clever and very cute!