Friday, April 05, 2019

Skirt to Vintage Top Refashion

This is my first refashion for spring!  I found a pretty floral skirt at the thrift store and upcycled it with Simplicity 8593, an authentic vintage pattern from the '40s.  It's a poncho blouse that fastens at the front and back waistline with tie ends.

Here's a view from the front . . .

and a view from the back.

Unfortunately, I accidentally snipped the front!  Any recommendations to mend this snip?


I Can Work With That said...

That is so pretty. Really lovely!

whatthesew said...

Looks very spring like and feminine.

Valerie said...

Lovely top!

Sometimes when I my clothes get torn or cut, I iron a patch onto the back side, where it can't be seen. I have some nice multicolored rolls of iron-on tape that I use for this purpose. Of course, the pattern of this top looks like it would lend itself well to some floral embellishment! You could just cover up the snip with a fake flower or something else jazzy, perhaps made from your scrap fabric if you have any left over.

Mel-Bee said...

I was going to suggest the same as Valerie-- just ironing on a nude colored patch to the back of the fabric. In my opinion it would be a shame to detract from the cut and fabric by adding a decoration to hide the snip.

TheRefashStash said...

Absolutely adorable! Great job!