Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Logo t-shirt refashion

I bought this new t-shirt from a local charity shop, it was obviously a promotional item which had been surplus to requirements.  I thought the logo was small enough to be eliminated without too much drama.

Fabric was 100% cotton and this t-shirt had side seams, leading me to think it was slightly higher quality.

I have done a logo t-shirt refashion before when I basically just covered up the logo with a piece of scarf but this time I wanted to take it up a level

The white background meant that the addition of any other fabric was possible, so enter another t-shirt from my stash in a bright orange stripe.

The plan was to convert the logo t-shirt to a raglan sleeve with the orange stripe fabric continuing over the sleeve.

I downloaded a free pattern for a top with a raglan sleeve and used this to cut out my pieces.

I had preserved the original neckband to add it back in later, but had to add some gathering at the back to make it fit.

A fortunate and unplanned consequence of the gathering is that the t-shirt can be worn with either side as the front.

There are more details and photos here

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