Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Overall Skirt and Shirt Refash

Are overalls making a comeback? I have been seeing a lot of girls wearing them lately. Well, I guess it’s time to jump on the bandwagon! 
Here I have a button down shirt that resembles denim, which I thought would be perfect to make into an overall skirt!
I removed the sleeves and set them aside. Then I cut just below the sleeve seam to make the skirt portion.
I began pinning the casing for my elastic by rolling over the top of the skirt material. I left about an inch casing to fit 1 inch elastic.
I sewed the casing all the way around but leaving a 1 1/2 inch gap open so I could thread the elastic through.
I threaded the elastic through with my trusty Bodkin, but you can also use a safety pin. Once that was done, I stitched the 2 ends of the elastic together, overlapping by about 1 inch. 
After that I sewed up the 1 1/2 inch gap to seal in the elastic.
Since my skirt was now done It was time to focus on making the straps for the overall part!
I brought out the sleeves I set aside. I cut 4 equal parts out of the 2 sleeves.
Sewed the 4 parts lengthwise and inside out. Once that was done, I turned all 4 parts right side out. Once they were all right side out I sewed 2 pieces  together at the end to make 2 very long straps.
With my 2 long straps down I attached them to the skirt. I found the perfect place in the back to sew them to the skirt. Then I crossed the straps in the back and stitched them in the front of the skirt!
I was on a roll making this overall skirt I went on to make a shirt to wear with it!
I was having fun thrifting long sleeve shirts with unique patterns.
I loved this tulip-ish pattern!
I mimicked the tulip pattern and made 3 cut-outs at the neckline.
At the cuff of the sleeve I cut slits 1 inch apart all the way around the sleeve.
I threaded some cream color ribbon through the slits and sewed the ends together to make them secure.
It was a cute idea but the weather was just a tad too cold. I will have to try again to wear this out and about!
Happy Refashioning!!!
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I Can Work With That said...

This is so cute. It looks great. I think you are right, over-alls seem to be coming back.