Saturday, February 08, 2020

Refashion Runway Season 5: Faux Fur

My thought on faux fur is a little bit goes a long way. This is why I decided against making a full faux fur dress hahaha! Anyway, scrolling through Pinterest I saw a jean jacket with faux fur accents (which I fell in love with), which was the basis of my inspiration for this challenge.
I started with a jean dress that I outgrew and a faux fur stole I scored at the Salvation Army.

This time I am going to start with the accessory: Shoes!
I recently thrifted these babies! I actually really liked the mirror heel, but alas it was time for them to go!

From the fur stole, I cut a small square and hot glued it securely around the heel.

So furry! I love it!
The Dress:
I cut the dress in half so that I would have enough material to make the bottom into a skirt and the top portion into a cropped jacket.

I folded over the top of the skirt portion and sewed all along the top until the last 1 inch. I left that open so I could thread the elastic for the waist band.

Threading the elastic.

I stitched up the elastic, overlapping by 2 inches.

\The Cropped Jacket:

I folded up the bottom of the jacket.

I wanted to line the bottom with the faux fur from the stole. I cut a long strip of fur.

I stitched the fur around the hem of the cropped jacket.

I traced the collar of the jacket and cut out a fur piece. Then stitched the fur onto the collar.

I repeated the same tracing and stitched process for the cuffs. I left the ends unstitched so that I could still button the sleeves but the buttons would be unseen.

The Shirt:
Obviously, I need a shirt now that my jean dress is now in 2 pieces. I had this old black turtleneck that was in need of some help.

I removed the sleeves and unpicked the seam from 1 side of the turtleneck so that it would lay open.

The sleeves holes got a new hem. (I'm a rebel, I freehanded this!)

Once the sleeves and neck got stitched up, it was time to put this faux fur outfit together!

A close-up!

Faux Fur meets Real Fur!

My baby Ian was so sweet to help me with my pictures! Such a good boy!

Glamour shot of my furry heels!

Happy Refashioning!!!

Check out my stash of refashions on my blog!

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Helen S said...

I salute your stamina for these multiple refashions to order.

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