Saturday, February 15, 2020

Refashion Runway Season 5: Small to Large

Sorry I couldn't model the main piece of this refashion but it was too teeny (that's the point, right?)

The coral polo shirt was way too small for me, I planned to use the material form the larger patterned shirt and the sequined skirt was too snug around the waist.
The Shirt:
I removed the collar, removed the bands around the sleeves and cut it straight up the middle.

I cut a large section from the patterned shirt and pinned it to the coral shirt. I used black bias tape in between the 2 layers for extra detail. This panel wasn't enough to make my shirt large enough so I repeated this process and added a panel to the back as well.
I was lucky enough to save the original neckline from the patterned shirt so I stitched that onto my new shirt to tie it all together.
The skirt:

My fun sequined skirt was just a tad bit snug in the waist but lucky for me it had an elastic waistband. I unpicked the top seam and added 2 inches to the original elastic.

Now for my favorite part: pockets! I used a piece of scrap fabric to make 2 squares. I unpicked the side seams of the skirt and stitched the pockets in.

I used 2 small scraps that were leftover from the patterned shirt and stitched them together to make a large piece, which I wore as a headband! (small to large)

Happy Refashioning!!!
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I liked this combo a lot.

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