Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sleeveless Problems?

Does anyone else have problems wearing strapless dresses? I always find the cutest strapless dresses but I hate wearing them because they are always slipping down on me. Well, I have the perfect solution!
Grab yourself a tank top of any kind! I happened to love this lace one!

First I put the lace tank top onto my dress form then slipped the strapless dress ontop.
I pinned the two pieces together, and stitched them together on my machine!

A simple but super cute solution to the strapless problem!

The back!

Happy Refashioning!!!!
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Valerie said...

I do, I do have the strapless dress problem! I always attempt to make new straps for them, but this is a great idea that sounds much faster!

g.satansbraten said...

Ladies, why don't you attempt to solve 'The slipping/skidding Problem' of strapless dresses with something like a "waste band stay" ?
Explanation: if the dress stays put solid around the waste, the bodice part can't move so much any longer?
O.k., even after this sort of remedy some dresses still need some 'boning' to keep them put, but it really works sometimes already with bones added under arms/side of the dress only. This is imho providing a bit more moving freedom instead of a 'full boning' .
The problem with really functional "oh so very flowing and loose looking" strapless dresses is: they are actually mounted onto a full corsage/corset which is just not visible due to the voluminous amount of flowing material covering it and tricking our eyes with 'eternal freedom/movement/playfulness' of a dress.

Btw., the 'one shoulder'*system or one 'band/shawl' crossing (from front to nearly opposite back of the shoulder') is sometimes a very good compromise to secure a slipping bodice and still show more elegance than most what-so-ever sleeve like fixtures (mho).
The length of those 'security shawls' (temporary fixed to the bodice in between with hooks or buttons?) can as well be varied, since it can be from 'floor to floor across the shoulder'**
One of those ideas might actually be another solution to be used for the dress shown here in this post?
Bonus: due to the colourful bodice there is even the option of having several coloured fixtures to get swapped - ahem - matching to 'The preferred eyeshadow of the Day' or shoes or handbag or man along side ;-) :-D

* 'A (secret) bone' added to the unsecured opposite/showy(er?) shoulder ?

** think curtain! Lace ones; 'upholstery style' ones ..... whatever isn't fast enough to flee up the chestnut tree to safety from your creative minds ;-) ;-D

I Can Work With That said...

Great idea. I don't really trust anything strapless either.