Sunday, September 06, 2020

Shop my closet for suits.

Shop my closet for suits. #97-101  of my Back to School Re-fashions.

  • Four years ago, I self-challenged to shop my closet, the re-fashion and the fabric stash.
  • This school summer vacation, I self-challenged to mend, alter, change buttons on 100 items.
  • This post makes 101"Light Re-fashions" in the Back to School rotation.
  • Now I can start on "Full-on Re-fashions"
  • Linen blend suit from the closet that I made several years ago.
  • Flower vest is a denim that would make fun pants.
  • Animals vest is a heavy linen blend weave.
  • Change out worn covered buttons with buttons from the stash.                                             
  • Raise the hem by re-stitching the waist. Hemming the lined hemline was no-go.





g.satansbraten said...

Smart 'fox' concerning the hemming job :-D :-D :-D !
Thumbs up, I think you WON this closet battle (again !)

Loving greetings,

Btw.: the very best(est!) of luck with/for your 'back to school term' during current challenging times !

I Can Work With That said...

I like the idea of light and full refashions. Sometimes the little changes, like the ones you made, can make all the difference.

Soline said...

Your posts really inspired me. It's a great source of motivation. I decided to do the same.