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Chickie, USA: I’m Chickie. My older brother named me as a baby and it stuck. I am a wife, I married my high school sweetheart because after six years of dating. He is still the nicest guy I had ever met. I have three kids, ages 20, 17, and 1. No, that’s not a typo. The little guy is 1, and we are enjoying him so much. I homeschooled my big kids until they were ready for college classes and had tons of fun with homeschooling.

I started sewing about 20 years ago to alter my clothes to fit my five foot tall body. I also altered things for my kids. I shopped at thrift stores and made things work for us. It saved money and was the beginning of my love of refashioning whatever I got my hands on. If I really messed something up, I didn’t get too upset because I had not spent that much on it. Now, I usually alter some part of everything I wear.
I found other blogs about refashioning and read all I could. I find seeing what other people have created to be so inspiring. I enjoying all the different people and ideas I find online. I started my own blog, I Can Work With That, in 2015. It is a fun creative outlet for me to share my latest projects.
Happy sewing to you!
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