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Andrea: Hola! Yo soy Andrea, and I am so excited to be an editor for this amazing blog :). I started my refashioning journey just over 3 years ago when I discovered the inspirational Marissa of NewDressADay and Jillian the Refashionista ... wow! I had recently acquired a sewing machine, and a few hours spent scrolling through all of their refashion "befores" and "afters" had me hooked. Since then I've been refashioning my thrift store finds and my closet to build a wardrobe that is one of a kind and totally tailored to ME! At the beginning of this year I decided to take a big step (for me, anyhow) and start a blog chronicling my sewing and thrifting adventures, Little Did You Know, a slight nod to a literary tool ... a foreshadowing of things to come. Little did you know, castoffs, 'junk', and 'trash' could be reincarnated into current fashions, useful and modern objects ... in other words, treasure!

I also love to read (mysteries and classics mostly, with fantasy fiction in hot pursuit), I knit (not as much as I'd like), try to stay fit, but love to bake ;). I am a mom and wife, and covet my alone time as an introvert. And that's just a little about me.

My Facebook page, Etsy shop, and Instagram account are just a few of the other ways I interact through social media and would love to see you stop by!

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Carissa, USA: In February 2012, I set out on a journey to a healthier, happier me. I started eating right and exercising more frequently. I watched the pounds melt away (75 of them!) and saw my clothes start to sag. Without the funds for an entirely new wardrobe every 15 lbs, I needed to get creative! I had a sewing machine I'd gotten in college, so I decided to try taking in some of my fat clothes. Then I became more adventurous, turning dresses into skirts and skirts into blouses. There's no stopping me now! I have amassed quite a collection of refashioned garments, along with just as many pieces waiting for their turn under the needle, and yet, I just can't stay away from the thrift shops!

In addition to sewing, I am also an avid knitter (and have tattoos to display my dedication to both crafts!), as well as an amateur crocheter, jewelry-maker, painter, cutter-and-paster, crayon scribbler, and dabbler in any number of other crafts that strike my fancy. Follow along with my adventures at CarissaKnits!

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Chickie, USA: I’m Chickie. My older brother named me as a baby and it stuck. I am a wife, I married my high school sweetheart because after six years of dating. He is still the nicest guy I had ever met. I have three kids, ages 20, 17, and 1. No, that’s not a typo. The little guy is 1, and we are enjoying him so much. I homeschooled my big kids until they were ready for college classes and had tons of fun with homeschooling.

I started sewing about 20 years ago to alter my clothes to fit my five foot tall body. I also altered things for my kids. I shopped at thrift stores and made things work for us. It saved money and was the beginning of my love of refashioning whatever I got my hands on. If I really messed something up, I didn’t get too upset because I had not spent that much on it. Now, I usually alter some part of everything I wear.

I found other blogs about refashioning and read all I could. I find seeing what other people have created to be so inspiring. I enjoying all the different people and ideas I find online. I started my own blog, I Can Work With That, in 2015. It is a fun creative outlet for me to share my latest projects.

Happy sewing to you!

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Cindy, USA: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth. A few hundred years ago ... OK it was really the 80's. 1982 to be exact. I made my high school prom dress from fabric that had been torn off the sets from our school play. And so the seed was planted. Fast forward to today and I am still intrigued by making new things out of old things. I blog about my experiments with trash at Upcycled Design Lab and when the experiments crossover to wearable re-fashions I post them here.

A few more random things: I am not a very good housekeeper or cook. I love animals, actual books (you know the ones with paper), people who make me laugh and losing myself in creative projects. I am as insecure about growing old as I am determined to do it gracefully. I believe that while humor doesn’t belong everywhere it is often missing in places where it could do the most good. And lastly, I believe that just because our lives have an expiration date we are not excused at any age from working toward our dreams. (Sometimes I am better than others at following this advice.)

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Debbie, UK: I was a “Blue Peter” child, making stuff from washing up liquid bottles, bits of string, cardboard boxes and never grew out of it. I used to cut up and remake my dolls’ clothes and graduated to my own clothing as a teenager. I have three kids and one husband too. We are currently renovating and rebuilding a house which we hope to move into in summer.

I originally trained as a painter and printmaker and have had a strange assortment of jobs along the way. I blog at Minnado’s house about my sewing, other making, consumption and life in general. I am trying to live in a less consuming lifestyle and am working towards a me-made and refashioned wardrobe, and am fascinated by the relationships we have with the stuff we own and the stuff we want to own.

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Eddie, Denmark: I'm an independent researcher studying DIY culture and information seeking (Digital Humanities), teacher and knitting pattern designer. I am a mom and wife (to John who did the new illustrations) and am very passionate about crafts (mainly knitting, sewing and spinning). I blog about crafts, my research, family history and other things that come my way at Eddie's room and post tips and ideas on my Facebook page.

I have always loved thrift shopping and refashioning is for me a natural follow-up from this. It is thrifting and craftiness combined into your own unique style. For me, the co-op idea was also interesting from a research viewpoint as an experiment to see whether it is possible to run an international multi-editor / multi-contributor site.

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Jennifer, USA: I live in Iowa with my wonderful husband (his name is Charlie) and my two adorable cats, Riley and Clara (who think they will starve to death when they miss one of three scheduled feedings). I have been in love with arts and crafts the day I found crayons and a coloring book; knew I would be a writer when I was in third grade; and had no idea I would become a lifelong nerd the day my dad brought home a magical box called a "computer."

Even though I learned about "refashion" a year ago, I think I've been refashioning most my life, starting with hemming most of my pants and skirts to fit my small frame. Whenever I went shopping, these thoughts popped in mind "I could make that cuter" or "What if I added this or removed this?"

During the past year when I studied other refashioners' projects and blogs, I thought, "I could do that." I found so much inspiration and passion to give new life to old clothes. I'm very much a newbie, but I love to learn and willing to try.

For more amazing tales about my spoiled cats, my general thoughts and wisdom, and pretty pictures taken on my cell phone, head to my blog: Jennifer Elliott, life of a lazy writer and busy crafter.

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LaLaLauren, USA: Hi! My name is Lauren (or also known on this blog as LaLaLauren). By day I am a scientist researching cancer and by night I explore my creative side by crafting, sewing, dancing, and other artsy avenues. I started refashioning a few years ago when I was looking for inexpensive material for bellydance costumes. I solely started to sew because I bellydance. Costumes can be expensive and you have to know how to fix them when they break. I began refashioning for myself to find more work-appropriate apparel. I gave up conventional shopping to either sew or refashion clothing for the entire year of 2011, hoping to find more of my creative muse. What I have gotten in return is just so much more than saving money and more clothes, I love it! I have not looked back since! You can find my personal blog about my adventures here.

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IWOM, Scotland: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was too tall too soon and didn't fit into clothes made for her age so she learned to sew and is now the International Woman of Mystery. 

There's a bit more in between -- like growing up on a farm so learning oodles of practical life and crafting skills then leaving her family, friends, country, little red sports car and dog to marry a poor foreign law student a couple decades ago -- but all you really need to know is that she was very pleased to have been an editor here at Refashion Co-op from 2013 to 2016.

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Adele, UK: Hi everyone! My name is Adele and I blog at Mammy Made. I grew up in a very crafty family. My mam, gran and auntie all sew so I grew up watching them make things. I didn't really take to sewing myself until I was pregnant with my eldest, who is now 5. Once I made my very first baby nightie, I never looked back and I have been sewing, crocheting and refashioning ever since. I am lucky enough to make a living doing what I love the most, I have a facebook and etsy shop selling handmade hats, clothes and accessories for all ages and I couldn't be happier doing it.

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Erica, Australia: I write (my main blog is called Recycled Fashion),
create and occasionally lead op shopping tours once every few months (for Melbourne Op Shop Tours) My husband and I co-founded a new e-commerce site Recycled Market, an online marketplace to buy, sell and find recycled products. I studied Business and Finance, and Interior Design, and worked in the environmental / community development sector for many years.

I feel very passionately about protecting the environment, therefore rather than landfill our beautiful planet with fabric, I prefer to buy second hand clothing, to refashion outfits from opportunity shop (thrift store) finds, and to sew my own garments using thrift fabric and vintage patterns. Recycled outfits make fashion more sustainable, and fun. I truly believe new style can be recreated from old “Fashion doesn't have to cost the earth, financially or environmentally.”  My rambles can be followed on twitter, and I have a facebook page.

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Jenni, USA: Mom, wife, packrat, interior designer, Olympic-caliber bargain shopper, night owl, obsessive internet sleuth, fashionista AND fashion rebel (can't I be both?) jewelry maker, novel reader, realist-idealist (OK. What is going on here?) PISCES (oh yeah, I remember now ... ) creator of jewelry out of recycled sweaters, blogger about lotsa stuff  here on Pagano Designworks and about The Store Of Her Dreams. Sometimes followed on Facebook and Twitter. Originally aimed to be a fashion designer. Sewed prom dresses in high school, furniture slipcovers and floor length silk curtains later in life (come to think about it, the curtains look like prom dresses too!). Casual recycler but a solar energy collector. Never met a project I didn't think I could tackle (and I have the piles of supplies and mistakes to prove it). Likes the planning of the project more than the actual doing of the project. Dwells in the land of the classic cartoon saguaro cactus, where wool sweaters get donated to charity and thrift stores abound.

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Bryony, UK. I'm an artist, fashion lover/hater, a writer and researcher. My ‘day job’ is clothing editor at Ethical Consumer magazine, but it’s much more to me than just that.

My interest in fashion began, like many girls, as a skint teenager, when I used to hack up and remake my own clothes from charity shop finds. I did this purely out of the desire to wear something different. Whether or not it always worked out visually (!), it felt natural to me to be hands-on and creative with the way I dressed. I’m glad I was (and still am), despite those photos that I’d rather forget ...

As I grew older, I gradually became aware of the darker side of the clothing industry. My avoidance of the high street continued, but for bigger and deeper reasons. Working at Ethical Consumer means I get to research and write about these issues on a daily basis. I’m also a freelance contributing writer, currently writing for Ethical Fashion Forum’s SOURCE magazine and the Ethics Girls website. In my spare time I blog about style and sustainability on my personal blog, Bagsful.

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Jessica, USA: Greetings from San Francisco!  Office worker by day, madcap refashionista by night, rambling philosopher and amateur anthropologist in my spare time.  I’ve recently returned to California after a two year stint in Boston, and spend my working hours in Chinatown improving the health of the low-income, immigrant Asian population.  Crafting is my “me time” to nurture my creativity, invest an exorbitant amount of time in one refashion, and take small steps towards decreasing my eco-footprint.  You can follow my crafting adventures and musings on life here, where I also indulge in the occasional fooding experiment, photography project, or neighborhoodly wanderings.

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Jillian, USA: I want to change the way you think about fashion. For me, refashioning is the most practical and time efficient sewing endeavor out there … and the most fun! I get my kicks transforming $1 and 50 cent thrift store duds from atrocious to awesome. I’m a self-taught seamstress, an amateur painter, a karaoke crooner, an art enthusiast, a retired roller girl, and a cat lover. By day, I work for the South Carolina Arts Commission as their Grants Manager. By Saturdays, I work in a funky boutique. By night, early morning, lunch break, and Sunday, I sew.  I love living in Columbia, SC, with my fella and an evil transgender cat named Edith. Check out my site, ReFashionista.net.

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Erika H, Canada: Hi! I'm Erika, and I'm from a small town on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of  British Columbia. I'm a mama to a 1 year old lil lady, and have another on the way. My husband and I are artists who work for ourselves so being frugal, and going back to refashioning my own (and my family's) clothes has become second nature to me. I started sewing as a kid, mainly because I have a slight obsession with having to be a little bit different from everyone else. Small town dilemma: One store to shop for school clothes so everyone looked the same. So, I thrifted and bought a sewing machine. You can read more about me, and see what I do here.

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Natalli, USA: Since before I can remember, my sisters and I were writing and performing our own little plays, pageants, and music videos. I have loved expressing my creativity ever since! I am especially fond of dancing, sewing, and -- of course -- refashioning. I could spend hours at a thrift store looking for potential beauties. I'm also a lover of words, video games, learning, music, and chocolate. You can read about some of my crafty endeavors at the blog I share with my sisters and about my life as a wife and new mom on my personal blog.